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5 Proven Ways To Make Money With Digital Marketing

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Earning a harmonious living has always been challenging. With the world moving hand in hand with advanced technology, digital marketing has paved the way for making money effectively. 

You may be starting your business, looking to freelance, or working with an organization. There are some certified ways of making money with digital marketing. This blog will help you to guide through 5 proven ways to earn money with digital marketing.

Popular Ways To Earn Money With Digital Marketing

The most popular ways of earning through Digital Marketing range from content creation to affiliate marketing services. Here are five proven methods of earning via digital marketing:

  • Earning money as a Content Writer
  • Creating and Selling Digital Products
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Selling SEO Services
  • Making Money with Affiliate Marketing  

1. Content Writing

Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the shortcomings of conventional marketing techniques in digital marketing. Content writing services are more widely available to support digital marketing strategies.

Content writing services cover the nuances of promotion and editing as well as the planning, creation, and publication of all types of web content. In recent years, it has developed into an excellent tool for encouraging emotional connections with the target audience.

The private sector employs the majority (54% of all content writers), with over 5700 content writers working in the USA alone across a range of industries.

Content writers increase conversion rates and promote brand loyalty by producing engaging content that is tailored to a brand or a product. In order to improve SEO, organic website traffic, and brand awareness, brands also employ content writers.

As a content writer, you will be entrusted to produce various types of quality content for businesses, including blogs, emails, product-specific content, PR news release, and brand stories. Some content writing services also entail preparing scripts for video releases and podcasts. 

With the ever-evolving nature of digital marketing, the role of a content writer is expanding. However, you could focus on producing content that is SEO-friendly or provide in-depth, compelling content that is relevant to your business.

Regardless of the type of content you produce, keeping the target audience's specificities in mind and adjusting your tone of the content is the mark of a reliable content writer. 

As a content writer, you will take responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Keyword Search: Using your experience in long-tail keyword searches, you might have to assist the SEO experts of the business in looking for the most appropriate keywords.
  • Strategizing Content: While the content marketing specialists develop strategies for promotion, you will be providing insights to formulate different types of content, from blogs and listicles to eBooks or whitepaper content.
  • Producing quality Content: Producing high-quality content is the foremost task of any content writer. You will have to write numerous blogs and produce engaging content for the client's webpage. 
  • Proofreading & Editing: A separate department deals with all the proofreading and editing tasks. However, you will have to accomplish these tasks independently as a freelancer or someone working alone.

To pursue a career in content writing, you can have a college degree in communication, journalism or marketing. Keep your updated and add skills like content marketing certificates to your resume. 

For a content writer in the USA following are the top 5 industries for employment:

2. Creating and Selling Digital Products

Once you have gained exceptional experience and reputation in the digital marketing world, you can assist freshers and those looking to switch careers into digital marketing with your knowledge. 

Selling your digital goods is a great way to make money and helps you improve your profit margins. This is because you only need to design them once to sell them repeatedly without worrying about developing new products frequently.

You may choose to design and market different types of digital products, such as:


E-Books are the easiest digital products to create. Simply pick the best of your previously published blogs on a specific topic, add some new articles, and compile them, and presto! Your product is prepared for release.


With the workforce looking time and again to be updated with the newest knowledge on digital marketing, you can create and sell online courses to share your expertise. Lessons can be catered for beginners or designed advanced systems to assist those already in the field.

Web Templates

Many web designers and developers looked for the best web template to design each website. If you are skilled at creating web templates, you can use platforms like WordPress to do so and make money. Your digital products face competition from the content freely available over the internet. 

Thus, do not forget to complete thorough research and add unique touch before releasing them in the market. It will increase the credibility of your digital product, thus, increasing your revenue.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to make money. To enhance and expand your brand or business online presence, you might decide to pursue a career in social media management.

As a social media marketer, you will be responsible for writing, scheduling, and creating posts, generating graphics, and running appropriate advertisements. You may have to reply to comments and queries posted on the posts.

The average yearly salary for a social media manager in the USA is $70,287. Depending on the state or city, the number varies. San Francisco, California is the most lucrative city for social media managers to work.

The following map compares social media managers' salaries across the nation, with darker shades denoting higher salaries than lighter ones.

Working for a company or developing your own clientele requires years of experience, networking, loyalty, and reputation.

Your role as a social media marketer will be entrusted with various responsibilities, including:

  • Social Listening: You will have to be on the lookout for the perception and needs of your target audience by monitoring your brand reputation and maintaining its image in the digital space.
  • Social Influencing: An essential component of the job description is developing the brand's presence and keeping a firm foothold on various social media platforms. By producing and distributing interesting content, you can establish brand presence.
  • Social Networking: A social media manager aims to connect and maintain cordial brand relations with influential and authoritative personalities in that particular industry. It will allow your brand to reach a more extensive audience base.
  • Social Selling: It includes your ability to turn the interest generated in the brand into customer purchases, thus generating revenue.

4. Selling SEO Services

SEO and digital marketing are inseparable from one another. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of guidelines that enables your website to appear before rival websites in search engine results. If you possess SEO skills, you can render your invaluable insights and services to businesses needing them. 

Understanding how search engines function is a requirement for developing SEO skills. It requires constant updating in order to stay current with all of its nuances because it changes so frequently. However, the essential goals of SEO are:

  • Searching for the type of content your target audience consumes and using that to produce high-quality content for your brand increases audience interaction.
  • Designing your website in ways that can help the search engine identify and understand increases the ranking.

If you want to develop your skills in SEO, then registering for an online course will be an appreciable step. Your SEO knowledge will develop only through constant involvement in dealing with the algorithm and understanding its nuances.

You must build a strong client network to set up a business selling SEO services to organizations. Put your SEO skills into designing a website that lists your services and produces high-quality blogs to direct traffic to the site and build your business. 

5. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lot like earning commission for rendering your service to a business that helped them to increase their revenue. 

To be more lucid, affiliate marketing involves you as an affiliate recommending a product or service sold by an organization in your blogs, social media sites, and websites. You earn some money each time a customer buys the product or service after going through your recommendation or using the unique codes given on your website/social media post. 

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn profit without creating any new products. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here is how you can earn money as ‘an affiliate’:

  • Find businesses that need affiliate marketing services
  • Choose the company that matches your niche
  • Obtain a unique code or link as an affiliate on the offers
  • Promote the product or service on your blogs and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook or post about them on your website.

It will allow you to earn a commission every time someone clicks on your unique link to make a purchase. Your earnings will depend upon the company policy for affiliates. It may start at 5% and reach up to 25% as your expertise grows.

Beginner-Friendly, 3-Step Blueprint People Use To Generate Income Online

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The following are the benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Relative ease: Affiliate marketing is a relatively easy way to make money. Your job as a marketer is limited to educating the customers about the product/service. You do not have to worry about developing and implementing other marketing strategies.
  • Relative lower risk: Affiliate marketing is a low-risk method of earning a passive income. You do not need monetary investments and work with an already established affiliate product to join affiliate programs. All you need to do is invest your creative efforts in finding innovative ways to increase traffic to your affiliate codes. 
  • Steady Passive Income: Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your passive income. You do not need extra help, yet it helps you reach the audience and potentially create a reliable network.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

To start earning as an affiliate, you have to find a company offering affiliate marketing programs. To search for the best programs, you can visit an affiliate marketplace and browse the offers in your particular niche. 

Some of the top affiliate programs in the USA are offered by:

  • GiddyUp
  • DFO Global
  • Amazon Associates
  • Widitrade
  • Click Bank
  • eBay Partner Network
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Affiliate

Another way to start affiliate marketing is by visiting the websites of products and services closer to your area of expertise and enquiring about their affiliate programs if any. You may also approach any business you consider worth recommending and ask if they need affiliates or deal in affiliate marketing.

When diving into the affiliate marketing world, pick a product that your audiences can resonate with or that would attract new audiences to your page. Keep your area of expertise in mind, and do not mix niches that do not match. 

Darren Rowse - A Success Story in Affiliate Marketing

Darren has been an affiliate with Amazon since 2003, and it took him ten years to amass $500,000. His reputation comes from his openness about his history, methods, and techniques as an affiliate marketer.

Darren's success came from the severe thought, innovation, and effort he put into his affiliate marketing techniques. Darren earns $80,000 annually as an Amazon affiliate with a growing income.

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Bottom Line

To start your journey as a digital marketer, invest time and effort to learn SEO and content writing skills or work patiently as an affiliate marketer for passive income. You may also share your knowledge and expertise with newcomers through eBooks and courses, generating revenue.

With the changing market topography and innovations, there will be increasing methods of making money from digital marketing. 

Simple Secret To Success is a participant of the ClickBank Affiliate Program. As a ClickBank Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This does not impact the price you pay.

Beginner-Friendly, 3-Step Blueprint People Use To Generate Income Online