Affiliate Marketing 101 For Beginners: Learning The Basics


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Affiliate Marketing 101 For Beginners

Have you heard about this new craze called affiliate marketing?

Okay, maybe it's not a new craze. The fact is affiliate marketing has been around a long time.

Maybe there are new social media platforms, but affiliate marketing has managed to adapt to every new platform.

Whether your focus is the develop a new skill or to escape the "rat race" or pursue financial freedom, affiliate marketing could be the route you are seeking.

If you want more control over your life, affiliate marketing may be the choice for you as you are completely in control and responsible for your results.

Today, we will cover the basics of affiliate marketing, choosing the right niche, finding products and tools to help you.

This is affiliate marketing 101 for beginners.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

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Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you are interested in starting an affiliate marketing business, here are a few things you must know.

You must learn these affiliate marketing basics.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing training is a way to get more information about affiliate marketing in one place presenting in an easy-to-understand way. There are different levels of affiliate marketing training. For instance, this article provides affiliate marketing training, but it doesn't go as deep as a webinar or training course. It doesn't provide a chance for interaction like a full course.

Affiliate Offers

As an affiliate marketer, you will first need to choose an affiliate offer. This is simply a product or service that you will promote and market to visitors.

An affiliate offer belongs to an established company, but you can promote it as an affiliate to earn commission.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a focused page that is designed to guide a visitor towards a specific action.

You may think that you need a website in order to promote your affiliate offer. A website can be helpful, but a landing page may be all you need...especially when you are just getting started.

Why is that?

Well, you may have to test your affiliate offer or a few affiliate offers to find one that really works for you. With a landing page, you can quickly adapt.


A website is nice to have because it is basically comprised of multiple landing pages. Each web page serves a different purpose.

Each website page could also promote a different affiliate offer.

Getting Visitors (Traffic)

Whether you start with a landing page or website, you will still need to get "eyeballs" on your affiliate offer.

For that, you will need visitors or traffic.

There are 2 types of traffic: free and paid.

And there are various sources of traffic. Just think about all the different types of social media and that's just the beginning of traffic sources.

There is a lot that you could learn about traffic and the best place to learn about it is in the book mentioned below.

<< Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers >>

Now that you know the basics of affiliate marketing, here are some (free, free trial, and low cost) resources that could help...

Choosing the Right Niche for You

When you are ready to get started in affiliate marketing, you must choose a niche.

Here are some popular affiliate marketing niches:

  • Health and wellness
  • Personal finance
  • Travel
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Technology and electronics

With the popularity comes increased competition. Sure it's obvious there is money to be made in popular niches, but the competition can make it difficult to gain any traction.

A better starting point may be to consider areas where you currently spend money. By brainstorming about things like this, you may be able to find some great niches that others may have not considered or even know about.

How many people reading this are willing to brainstorm and create a list?

Because this decision could be important and what sets you apart from others.

Finding Products for Affiliate Marketing

What happens after you have chosen a niche?

Next, you need to find a product (or products) to promote.

So, where do I find affiliate products?

It's actually easier than you would think. There are companies that focus on affiliate products and offers called affiliate networks

Here is a quick list of some popular affiliate networks:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten

And this is just the beginning.

If you brainstormed niche ideas and found a niche that you like, next, you could brainstorm companies that you like to be an affiliate for that align with your niche.

Once you have your list of companies, you can search online for the "companies name + affiliate program".

If the company has an affiliate program, you just have look over the companies rules and apply to become an affiliate.

Once accepted, you can begin promoting the company's product(s). Just make sure you comply with their rules.

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

In this affiliate marketing 101 article, we have covered a lot for getting started in affiliate marketing.

Definitely not as deeply as affiliate marketing training, but you have some of the basics now.

Tools to Help with Affiliate Marketing

Beyond having the knowledge of affiliate marketing basics, it is also helpful to choose the right tools.

You understand the basics of affiliate marketing training, landing pages, websites, and traffic.

You can learn even more when you click the links below and explore the tools and resources that are available.

Here are the (free, free trial, and low cost) resources below that could help...

Disclaimer: Simple Secret To Success is a participant of the ClickBank Affiliate Program and other affiliate programs. As a ClickBank Affiliate and other affiliate programs, we earn from qualifying purchases. This does not impact the price you pay.

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